3D Hero System Review

While its called a “System”, the 3D Hero System is actually just a single housing that allows you to shoot video with two HD Hero or HD Hero2s simultaneously. You can then use GoPro Studio software to convert into immerse 3D video. So basically, this “system” is just a piece of housing, but “housing” doesn’t sound quite as sexy as “system”.

Update: If you want 3D System for the Hero3 or Hero3+, you can find it on Amazon here.

The System

As mentioned, The 3D System is actually quite simple, but it can yield spectacular results. For proof, find the video review at the bottom of this page. Basically, this durable housing allows you to place two cameras side by side. The first should be placed right side up, while the second should be placed upside down. Included with the housing is a special syncing cable that connects the two cameras and makes sure that both of them have start recording at the same time. You will need to turn on each of the cameras separately, but they will start recording simultaneously with the press of a single button.

Each device will produce a separate MPEG 4 video file, and when you have finished shooting, you’ll need to upload both videos to CineForm Studio, the free editing software provided by the company. You can do this by simply dragging and dropping the files into the software interface. If you get stuck, you can find text and video tutorials available online which will guide you through the conversion process. The end result of the process is high-definition 3D video footage.

Expanding the Features

After converting the 2D videos to 3D video, you can share the videos directly to YouTube, Vimeo and other video hosting websites. If preferred, you can still watch the video in 2D as well.  The 3D functionality is pretty cool and includes options like red or blue anaglyph and compatibility with new 3D TVs etc.

The 3D shooting system of GoPro provides a unique solution for action cam enthusiasts. Rather than purchasing expensive 3D cameras, you can achieve similar quality results for a much lower price point. The straightforward conversion system of GoPro does not require users to have profound technical knowledge, and users needn’t have any special technical expertise to shoot or convert videos. Unlike other 3D editing software, this is a simple and easy solution. What’s more, you won’t need any special screen or 3D TVs to watch the 3D videos you make. Rather, you will be able to enjoy them on any regular TV or computer screen as long as you have 3D glasses. And you are in luck, because three pairs of such glasses are included in the 3D Hero System package!

Other Options

As the package also includes a head mount for the 3D system, you can attach it to your head gear easily. If you are used to mounting a single camera, than you will find the 3D system to be a bit bulkier but of course this won’t affect the quality of video you record. If you want to make the most out of the system, make sure that your footage include lots of scale and depth. You might also slow down the playback speed to enhance the 3D viewing experience when enjoying your footage.

Grab the updated version (for HERO3 and HERO3+) on Amazon!


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