GoPro Head Straps

Since lovers of Action Sports want to capture all their moments without any distraction, GoPro decided to manufacture head straps to make this a reality. With the head straps one does not have to hold the camera by the hand as they can just mount the camera on the head strap and proceed with their activities.

Some of the head straps available on the market are:

GoPro Head Strap Camera Mount

This is popular among GoPro users as it is the first head strap to be launched by go pro. It has been made from high quality material which makes it very durable. The straps are made of nylon material while the buckles from polycarbonate. The head strap comes in one size that is highly adjustable and fits well when used on head and helmets. It is however only recommended for non-impact activities.

MSRP: 7.92

Model No.:         GHDS30

Weight:                1.5pounds

Product in Inches (L x W x H):     1.0 x 1.0 x 0.93

GoPro Head Strap and Quick Clip Mount

This is a modification of the other GoPro head strap. It works the same way as the other one only that it is more durable and comes with a quick clip and thumbscrew for attaching the camera to the head strap. It is fully adjustable and provides a wide option for mounting that enables ultra-compact and low profile mounting with versatility. With the quick clip, one can attach their GoPro on a backwards baseball cap or a thick object between 3mm to 10mm.

MSRP: 20

GoPro head strap dimensions: 8.18″ x 6.10″ x 2.95″

Quick clip mount dimensions: 20.8 x 15.5 x 7.5cm

Weight: 150g

UPC: 818279010800

Warranty: 1 year

Smatree Head Strap

This is a head strap that is compatible with all GoPros. It comes in one size that fits all adjustable straps that can be used both directly on heads or helmets. It is not suitable for high impact sports. The strap is made of high quality nylon material and polycarbonate buckles. It comes with an aluminum thumbscrew for doing any fixing incase need arises.

MSRP: 12

Color: black

Bakhu Head Strap

This is a head strap with sophisticated design and is compatible with most cameras. It allows you to have fun while keep the memories while hands free. It has a neoprene sleeve where one attaches the camera. It is a one size that fits all and thus can be used directly on the head or on a helmet. It has made from nelasoprene and elastic materials to make sure that it is long-lasting. The strap has been made with an elastic material to help it to attach easily to all kinds of helmets. The strap comes with 4 Velcro dots for fixing the helmets securely.


Length: 6.5cm

Width: 13.5cm

Colors: green, grey, orange, purple

Black Rapid RS7 R-strap Review

This is an all purposes strap specifically meant for cameras and can be customized to any use including as a head strap. This highly adjustable strap is strong and very versatile providing you with the comfort ability and convenience you need while having fun.

MSRP: 62

Contour Headband Strap

This is a head strap meant for contour cameras but can work with other cameras as well.  It has made photography fun as it allows a base for a camera head mount thus giving one a chance to have fun and keep memories with no distractions. It is however not recommended for high impact activities.

MSRP: 27

Sony Head Strap

This is a waterproof head strap manufactured by Sony for mounting cameras. With the head strap, one can attach the camera directly or on the helmet. It has been made from high adjustable elastic material that fits all and can be used for all purposes. It can however only support light weight cameras.

MSRP: 42

Drift Head Strap

This is a head strap that is meant for the drift HD camera but is compatible with all cameras. Its unique design allows you to attach your camera comfortably without any worries as it gives firm support. The high material used makes it very durable and strong. It is highly adjustable and can be used by anyone in whatever way they choose to wear it whether it’s directly to the head or on a helmet.

MSRP: 42

Midland XTC-280 Head Strap

This is a strong and comfortable head strap with a beautiful design. It is mainly meant for activities that do not require a helmet. Its unique design allows you to securely put your camera to any angle you desire.  The high quality material that has been used and its high adjustability factor make it a strap you should consider. It can be used on high impact activities.

MSRP: 50

Liquid Image Ego Vented Helmet Strap

This is a head strap that has been meant to be used with the helmet and thus cannot work alone. The elastic material that has been used in making it is a material that is compatible with all kinds of helmets. It is highly adjustable and can be used with all kinds of helmets and holds the camera well to ensure security of the camera and comfort. It works perfectly with the ego helmet that is mainly used by cyclists.

MSRP: 34

Veho Muvi HD Headband Strap

This is a highly adjustable strap made from rubber to ensure maximum grip. It is mostly used on helmets but can also be used directly to the head.

MSRP: 42