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What is the best action camera? 

While we hear a lot about GoPros, there are actually a number of cameras on the market that can function as suitable alternatives. While we sought to introduce some of these other choices to you in our article on choosing a GoPro alternative, we felt that there was further opportunity to explore some other action cams on the market and to try to decide once and for all: What is the best action camera?

As with many thing in life, the answer turns out to be: it depends. But we believe that the below cameras are seriously under-rated and that each could be called the Best Action Camera in their own unique way.

So if you are an adventurer with a love of capturing the moment, or a tech geek who with a penchant for cameras that are sleek, read on for your look at some of the best action cams:

Garmin VIRB Elite

As the name suggests, the camera comes with VIRB elite, which means that it is GPS enabled and can measure one’s speed and altitude. For those of us who are motivated by metrics, this is a seriously compelling feature. Like the GoPro, the the Garmin VIRB elite comes with editing software that allows you to edit your experiences at will. The cam also comes with a special feature that allows you to video and photographs simultaneously, and one can access the VIRB using a smartphone or its GPS device. Fitted with a 16mp camera and Full HD ability means that it provides users with some seriously clear video footage. It comes with in-built WI fi ability with ANT+ wireless connectivity as well as different mounts and is made with a durable, water resistant material, meaning that it can be used just about anywhere.

MSRP:  399

Unit size: (HxWxD): 32 mm x 53 mm x 111 mm

Display size: Display size: 1.4″ (205 x 148)

Video capability: Up to 1080p/60fps

Image sensor: 16mp

Battery: 2000 mAh Lithium ion battery that is rechargeable and can stay up to 3 hours

Connectivity: ANT+, Wi-Fi, micro HDMI

Special features: VIRB edit software

Mono price MHD Action Cam

This is a pocket friendly camera that allows you to have fun as well as keep document memories.  And it is seriously low-priced. In fact, it is probably the best action camera that you would get at the price of 100. It has a high HD of up to 1080p. It has a well fitted water proof camera of up to 10 meters and a waterproof microphone that allows you to capture every bit. It comes with a two axis gyroscopic sensor that ensures the video has proper orientation. Its small size and a switch which is a one touch slide makes it more flexible. It has been made with a material which is dust, shock and freeze proof and this makes it even more convenient for any action.

MSRP: 100

Image sensor: 5mp

Connectivity: Wi-Fi enabled

Battery: SLB-10A lithium-ion battery

Internal storage: 256mb

Weight: 1 pound


Rollei Action cam S-50 Wi-Fi standard Edition

This small and sleek action cam comes with a 14 MP camera and a full HD resolution of up to 1080p. With the camera, one can access it via a smartphone through an app. It comes with an integrated Wi-Fi that provides the convenience of sharing videos whenever there is need. Its full HD resolution guarantees optimum quality videos. With the action camera, one can take photos while recording videos and thus it’s all you need for your adventures. It has a waterproof capability of up to 60 meters and thus can be used for all under water activities.

MSRP: 300

Image sensor: 14.0 Megapixel

Lens size: 175° wide angle lens

Video capability: 1080p/30fps

Waterproof: to 60 meters

Weight: 80g






Best Action Cam Epic Action


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