Contour +2 Review

Considered to be the best camera in the Contour series, the Contour +2 claims to have taken the
best features from previous models and applied them here.

The Good

  • It looks great
  • Comes with waterproof housing
  • Built-in wifi & GPS

The Bad

  • The audio quality is not much of an improvement over its predecessor, the ROAM
  • Contour’s Storyteller software is slow and clunky and leaves something to be desired
  • No longer waterproof without external casing

The Consensus

An excellent looking action camera that is possibly the best helmet cam on the market, the Contour
+2 combines the very best of the rest of the Contour line in one model.

Battery Life: 150 minutes (approx)
Image quality: 5 mps, max 1080p @ 30fps
Audio quality: is above average
Wifi: No

contour plus two review

Contour +2 Reviews on Amazon!!

Hardware and Design

Weighing only 5.5 ounces, the Contour +2 continues the tradition of superbly designed action cameras from Contour. The brushed aluminium casing that we have seen in previous Contour models is incorporated once again in the +2, and the size of the camera is pretty much the same. The old saying that if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it certainly applies here. Housed within the tube-shaped body is an ultra wide HD camera with a 170 degree field of view.

The laser line which was a feature of the ROAM2 model has been used once again, acting in the absence of a viewfinder or screen to set up your shot. On the back of the camera you’ll find a sliding door that covers a number of controls and ports, including a colour-coded light to show battery power level, a miniSD card slot, a slot for a micro USB, an HDMI slot and the removable battery.

Continuing the trend of the earlier ROAM2 model you will find a switch on top of the camera that operates by simply pushing it forward to begin recording, and back to stop. There’s no on/off button, but the switch does come with a locking feature, ensuring that you don’t set it recording accidentally. The hardware and design aspect of the Contour +2 borrows a lot from previous Contour models, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Contour +2 Reviews on Amazon!!


Much like the ROAM2, the +2 is one of the better designed action cams on the market. It is light, waterproof, sturdy and extremely easy to use, and like its predecessor the selection of mounts available cover every requirement, and all of them are easily attached to the base of the camera.

One major upgrade from the ROAM2 is the removable battery. In my review of the ROAM2 I mentioned the issue with the battery, that whilst being long-lasting, wasn’t removable from the camera itself. This caused issues when it came to recharging the battery when you’re out filming, or even worse, if you’re out for the weekend working. Now, the battery can be replaced with a fully- charged replacement, which is a major plus point for this model over the previous one.

Battery Life, Wifi, and Other Features

The battery life of the Contour cameras has been a major strength of the brand, and the +2 is no
different. Boasting 150 minutes of recording time per charge the Contour +2 has solidified its position as one of the best in its field in this department by offering the option of a removable battery. Considering the quality of recording you will get from this camera, the fact that so much life is drawn from each fully charged battery is pretty impressive. Disappointingly the Contour +2 sees yet another release in this range that fails to offer wifi capabilities.

We do see GPS and bluetooth offered though, both of which are a step up from the ROAM2 offering.


The Contour +2 comes complete with a 4GB microSD card, microphone extension cable, adhesive low-profile surface mount, rotating mount with 2 adhesive pads and safety leash, a rubber lens cap, contour vinyl decal, and waterproof case. As with previous Contour action cam releases there is a wide and varied selection of accessories and mounts available for virtually all requirements and situations.


The Contour +2 camera resembles the previous Contour model, the ROAM2, in many aspects. This isn’t a bad thing, as the ROAM2 was a good camera that does what it’s supposed to, and does it well. Nothing much has changed in that regard with the Contour +2 following suit, retaining many of the positive aspects of the ROAM2, such as the sleek design, the lightweight body, the ultra-wide lens with adjustable field view and the long-lasting battery.

Where Contour have made improvements with the +2 is in addressing some of the issues that I and many others raised with the ROAM2. The first, and in my mind most important of these is to switch to a removable battery. The convenience of being able to carry a few fully charged extra batteries with you when you’re out filming cannot be understated. Having to stop recording in order to wait on the built-in battery recharging was a pretty big negative of the ROAM2. The built-in GPS and bluetooth facility is a welcome addition, as is the HDMI socket and external microphone jack.

And whilst this model isn’t waterproof, Contour have included the waterproof case as standard rather than a separate accessory. All in all, I think the Contour +2 does everything that the ROAM2 does, but offers just that bit more, so this camera will appeal to a similar market as the other Contour models. If you already own a ROAM2 and were thinking of upgrading I would certainly agree (although the +2 isn’t cheap), especially if you saw the built-in battery as an issue as I did!

Contour +2 Reviews on Amazon!!

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