GoPro HERO4 Review

GoPro HERO4 Reviewed!

The GoPro Hero series has now hit its 4th generation, and what it brings is a virtual overhaul of the series.

Twice the power and new features are among the improvements to what was already considered one of the best in its field.

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HERO3+ Black Edition Review

The Black Hero3+ is the latest iteration from GoPro, and, as the name indicates, this is an improved version of the Hero3 Black rather than a completely new model.

In comparison to the old HERO3 Black Edition, it features images that are sharper by 33% and, perhaps best of all, the HERO3+ can now be submerged to to 40 meters (131 feet) in its waterproof housing (included), which is twice the distance of the HERO3 Black Edition.

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HERO3 Overview

The HERO3, and now the HERO3+, are the most recent cameras released by GoPro. There are three editions of HERO3 – Black, Silver, and White, with each of these models available for a discount at a refurbished price. Despite being more powerful than its predecessors, the HD HERO and HERO2, the HERO3 is about a centimeter thinner.
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HERO3 Silver Review

For those looking for a midrange action cam option, the price point and powerful video display make the HERO3 Silver Edition a compelling option.
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HERO3 Black Review

Overall, the consensus is the the HERO3 Black Edition is a huge improvement on past GoPros and a great purchase for those willing to spend a little extra. However, anybody buying this camera needs to know the following five things:
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HD HERO2 Review

GoPro has become the action cam category leader over the past decade, and while its breakthrough model was the HERO3, the HERO2 was an innovative camera for its time and continues to capture the interest of action sports enthusiasts everywhere.

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HD Hero Naked Review

The HD HERO Naked is an oldie (in tech years), having been first released in 2010, but people continue to buy it. While its specs- this waterproof encased little gray camera is capable of shooting 720 pixel videos at 60 frames per second and 1080 pixel videos at 30 frames per second- don’t impress like those of the more modern GoPro Hero3, it is still an effective camera.
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