Sony HDR AS100V POV Action Cam Review

Sony HDR AS100V Photo
This is the best action cam produced by Sony. It’s all you need if you are an outdoor fun loving adventurer who loves style, functionality and quality for keeping your memories. If you have been looking for an action cam that is convenient and does not compromise on quality then your search is over. The following are reasons why you should consider buying Sony POV Action Cam HDR AS100V:

Ultra compact design

It has a slim ultra-compact modern design that makes its very convenient to carry around and easily mountable on different mounts. You can mount the camera on a chest mount, head strap, suction mount, among many others.

Sony HDR AS100V POV Action Cam Reviews on Amazon!!

High quality Material

The camera is made of high quality material that is durable, dust and waterproof meaning it can be used on any occasion. It is waterproof up to a depth of 16.4 inches and shockproof for falls up to 5 meters. To add on that, it comes with a waterproof case that is ruggedized with a universal tripod stand.

Good lens with wide field of view

On the front part it has an ultra-wide Zeiss Tessar lens that has a 170 degree viewing angle and higher resolution as compared to other types of lens. The big field of view makes sure that no detail is left out. A high resolution makes sure that the photos and videos are of high clarity. The lens has an image stabilization function that automatically adjusts to the action mode. The lens has been made in such a way that it reduces aberrations therefore there is more clarity.

Bionz X processor and full HD recording

It has a 13.5 megapixel camera with an Exmore CMOS sensor as well as Sony Bionz X processor which is a high performer. With these features, one can record full HD at 1080p60fps in mp4 and 1080p60 movies at 50Mbps.Shoting can also be done at 1080p24. High speed videos of 720p can be done at 120fps without sound and 240fps if sound is involved. It supports many shooting modes including the slow motion shooting.

High quality videos and photos

It has a Noise reduction feature helps photos and videos to come out with clarity. The camera comes with auto exposure settings that help to control the mood such as lighting so that even in lowlight the photos and videos are able to come out well. Its auto white balance mode feature helps the camera to adjust automatically other than having to adjust it manually. The auto and under water scene modes make it very convenient for under water activities. The image stabilization feature that it has helps in adjusting when there is vibration.

Sony HDR AS100V POV Action Cam Reviews on Amazon!!

High quality audios

It has an additional feature of a built in stereo microphone that allows one to record an audio that is of high quality. It also has a port for attaching an external microphone if there is need.

Easy file transfer and sharing

For those who love to share photos and videos as they take them then this is the right camera for them as it comes with an in-built Wi-Fi and has a one touch NFC pairing feature that allows one to pair the device with their smartphones and tablets and share whatever they want without necessarily using a cable. A HDMI port also adds on its convenience when it comes to file transfer

 Easy tracking of location

It also comes with an inbuilt GPS that allows you to record whatever they want plus the location. When you are taking photos or video there is no need to scratch your head trying to remember the location, it has the GPS feature does that automatically.

Time and date stamp

With the Sony POV Action Cam HDR AS100V you can not only know the location but can also know the date and time of the photos or videos taken.

Remote controlling of the camera

It has Sony live remote that allows you to switch between photos and movie without physically operating the camera. With the remote, one can also start/stop recordings as well as set the shots.

It has software that enables you to watch the video you are taking from multiple cameras.

Bravia sync feature

It has a Sony Bravia sync feature that allows you to synchronize your camera to your smart t and thus can access what is in the camera from the TV and can watch video or see photos that are in the camera through the TV.

Airplane mode

It has the airplane mode option that helps you to conserve power while on air without necessarily having to switch off the camera.

Battery indictor

Unlike many cameras, it has a battery indicator that can help you to track battery usage and thus plan for the power usage.

Extra storage

It has a memory card slot for extra storage and thus there is no worry of storage.

One year warranty

Sony gives a one year warranty for every purchase of the product in every store thus one is sure they are covered.

Sony HDR AS100V POV Action Cam Reviews on Amazon!!

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