GoPro Suction Cup Mounts

GoPro Suction Cup Mounts

If you are a fun lover, you probably avoid as much hassle as possible so that you can have more fun. One of the ways of doing this is by using mounts for cameras. There are different kinds of mounts available in the market and suction cup mount is just one of them. By using a suction mount, one can do a high impact activity without worrying about the camera. It is mainly used in high action sports and activities to capture the moments.

Some of the suction cup mounts available in the market are:

GoPro Suction Cup

This allows you to attach your go pro devices to cats, motorcycles, and many more. It can withstand speeds of up to 150+ mph and provides the needed stability in motion. It has adjustable mounts that allow ultra-compact mounting. It provides a stable standard base and quick release base thus is very convenient in moving between locations.

MRSP: 40

Warranty: 1year

Delkin Fat Gecko Mini Suction Mount

This is similar to the go pro suction mount only that it has an additional attachment of a locking ball head at the top to make it more flexible in changing angles. It ensures one gets a quality footage while doing any activity even the high intensity activities. It can work with all cameras and can be used with a Go Pro tripod stand. The suction cup is made from plastic and is 3 inches. Its material and mounting screw allows you to attach it to any surface without any chances of slipping. It has an additional special feature of 360 degree tilt, turn and rotation.

MRSP: 35

Dimensions without Extension: 5 x 3 x 3

Dimensions with Extension: 8 x 3 x 3

Weight without Extension: .6 lbs. (.3 kg)

Weight with Extension: .8 lbs. (.36 kg)

Delkin Fat Gecko Dual Suction Mount

The fact that it has dual suction cups makes it very strong and a viable choice for all your mounting needs. It offers high stability and security of the camera. It can withstand any kind of tension and speeds and thus one does not need to worry about anything while using it. Even though it is heavy, it is worth trying it out if you care so much about your camera.

MSRP: 70

Capacity: can support up to 3.6kg digital cameras and flash units

Compatibility: Universal Photo 1/4-20 Tripod Screw Attachment

Video Format: MOV H.264

Product Dimensions: 9”H x 8”W x 3”D

Product Weight: 500g

Warranty: 2 Year Limited


RAM MOUNTS Twist Lock Universal Suction Cup Mount

This is a suction cup made from very high quality material metal shaft and rubberized plastic ball locks for grips. With its usage, one is assured of the safety of their camera. It is highly flexible and can be placed in any angle allowing you to take capture moments from any kind of angle. It is versatile, can withstand any kind of temperature and can be mounted on any surface.

MSRP: 60

Cinetics miniSquid + Joby GP3 GorillaPod

This is a combination of three suction attachments to the legs of a joby gorilla pod. It is perfect for use on surfaces that are not very flat as the three suction cups provide more stability. It is very versatile as it has three long flexible legs. In doing a purchase, one has to buy the minisquad and gorilla pod separately then join it.

MSRP: 50

Action Cam Suction Cup Mount

This is a suction cup mount made by Sony and is meant to provide versatility in mounting your camera. It can be used on all high speed sports as it provides a stable base that is needed for that and provides fascinating footage. Its material allows it to be mounted on any kind of surface comfortably without any worries of the camera falling apart. It is compatible with all Sony cameras.

MSRP: 30

Polaroid Suction Cup Mount for XS80HD and XS100HD Action Video Cameras

This is a suction cup mount that is meant for Polaroid XS80 and XS100 cameras. It provides a wide and stable base and thus is all you need for your mounting needs. The cup has been made using a high quality material that is compatible with most surfaces. It is highly adjustable and can withstand a speed of up to 150mp. It comes with a kit that contains a suction mount, a fix screw and mount lock socket.

MSRP: 30

Satechi SCH-22 Suction Cup Mount

This is a light, durable and easy to use mount that can easily be carried around and used in any situation. It has a rubber suction that easily gets attached to a flat surface. It has a 360° rotating connector and two swivels hinges which makes it easily adjustable and rotate able. The twistable screw knob that it has allows you to unmounts a camera if need arises.

MSRP: 28

Product Dimensions5.5 x 3 x 1 inch

Product Weight 1 lb.

Warranty: 1 year

ARKON CMP214 Mini Camera Suction Mount

This is a suction mount that is mainly meant for mini cameras. It has a windshield suction that works well in hot climate. The rubber suction mainly works on flat surfaces. Due to its small size, it is mainly used on motorcycles.

MSRP: 14.95

Weight: 0.25 pounds

Product Length:                6.0 inches

Product Width: 6.0 inches

Product Height: 3.0 inches

Cullman Suction Cup Camera Mount

This is a camera mount that works well on a polished surface such as glass or metal. The suction mount is very strong with a ¼” thread that can support a weight of up to 3 kg.

MSRP: 59.95

Maximum Height: 4.72″ (12 cm)

Load Capacity    3 kg

Weight 350

Panavise 809 Camera Window Suction-Cup Mount

This is a highly flexible suction cup mount that allows users to move cameras between cars or locations. Its ratcheted arm provides a 140 degree rotation vertically. The powerful suction pad it has allows it to be attached to any kind of surface

MSRP: 19