WiFi Remote and LCD BacPac Review

GoPro provides the users with some excellent quality add-ons to their cameras. Two of the most notable add-ons are the WiFi remote and the LCD BacPac. These things allow the users to make the most of their devices. The convenience of not having to reach the camera physically for recording a video, pausing or stopping will be a huge advantage for the users. By using these add-ons, you can control your GoPro cameras remotely.

The WiFi Remote

With a size of 2″ X 1″ X 0.5″, the remote features a keyed slot on the side. Along with acting as the charging port, the slot could be used to attach personal keyrings too. You will need the proprietary connector for charging the device. As the connector is not a common one, you better not lose or damage it. The remote is waterproof too. You can safely use it up to 3m of depth. The remote comes with a strap. In order to use it over a wetsuit or other clothing, you will need extra strapping. Luckily, it comes with a long strap which will do the job for most of the people.

There are two buttons in the device; both of which are large and easy to press. They could be operated with gloves too. Among the two buttons, one is for turning the camera on or off. The other one is used for controlling the camera. It is very easy to start and stop recording videos with the remote. Therefore, rather than recording a long video and later stripping out the irrelevant parts, you can choose to record the important parts only. However, if you don’t want to miss sudden actions, you should be ready to press the button anytime.

A huge advantage of the remote is that you can extend the recording time of your camera and improve the battery life. If you have placed your camera in a remote or inaccessible place, then you don’t have to find the camera and fiddle with the tiny buttons each time you want to make changes. The small screen of the remote copies the screen of the camera in almost real-time. The slight delay could be an issue during some special cases, like when shooting in burst mode or capturing speedy events. During those cases, it is wise to operate the camera manually. The remote is capable of controlling 50 GoPro cameras at a time. That means you can direct 50 cameras to shoot a video with a single press on the remote.

LCD BacPac

While there is no viewfinder included in the GoPro cameras, you can add an optional one by purchasing a LCD BacPac. If you like to frame your shots before recording video or capturing still images, than this will be a welcome addition for your GoPro camera. The package of the BalcPac includes some back doors too. Along with the standard housing, there are housings for extreme conditions and using the BacPac underwater. When using the underwater BacPac, you can use the camera to up to 60m of depth. You can hinge the LCD on the right side of your GoPro camera and connect it through the Hero NUS slot. The addition of the BacPac adds some extra weight and bulkiness to the camera. Therefore, you should check you comfort level into consideration before purchasing this add-on.

The display of the BacPac is 2 inches. It is clear and very bright, which makes it perfect for everyday use. Along with providing you better framing, the LCD BacPac also allows you to view the photos and videos instantly. That means, you don’t have to review the recorded videos or captured images once you get back home. It will also help you in keeping only the important and necessary files and getting rid of the unnecessary ones. There is a small speaker on the side, which will come handy while reviewing the recorded videos. It is also possible to control the volume and brightness of the display.

Another thing you should bear in mind while using the LCD BacPac is the extra pressure on your battery. All the convenience of the extra display comes with a price of less-lasting battery. If you want to maximize the battery life, you can choose to turn off the display if it is not used for 60 seconds. Though there is a battery BacPac available too, adding both the battery and the LCD BacPac at the same time is not possible.

You will find navigating through the menus a lot easier when using the LCD BacPac. Though the symbols are the same, the bigger display of the LCD makes selecting and changing different menu options easier. The extra screen does its job perfectly. You can rest assured that you will be able to quickly frame the images and videos and shoot them accordingly. You also won’t have to wait to get back home to review the clips and images, you can do it on-the-fly. If these are the main demands of you, then you should definitely go for a LCD BacPac.