Selecting a GoPro Helmet Mount

gopro helmet mount

Helmet mounts compatible with Go pro cameras that you should consider

Go pro cameras are a favorite to many due to their functionality, size and versatility. Due to this reason the company was one of the first to come up with the helmet mount for convenience while taking action in having fun. There are however other alternatives for the helmet mounts that are available and worth looking at. They may have different features but same functionality. They are listed below:

1.       Go Pro Helmet Mount

This is a highly convenient helmet mount that allows you to go on your activities without any worries of capturing moments. With it one can capture footage facing him as well as self-portrait photos and videos. It can easily remove by breaking the adhesive bond using heat such as that of a hair dryer. It comes with a one year warranty if one buys directly from Go Pro.


Warranty: 1year

Color: Black

Price: 12.99

Compatibility: all go Pro cameras

2.       Contour Helmet Mount

It is compatible with go pro cameras as well as many other cameras. It enables you to use your camera hands free while very adjustable allowing one to capture moments from any angel. One special feature of this helmet mount is that it has a trail system that allows attachment.


Warranty:  180 days

Height   0.6 inches

Width    2 inches

Depth   2 inches

Compatible with: Most Contour cameras and go pro cameras

UPC       817309010759

3.       Rhino Helmet Mount

This is a helmet mount that is mostly used by the army and police force for capturing different things around them. The helmet is made from very high quality and is very durable.  It can however be used by the Go pro camera due to compatibility. When purchasing it however one has to buy the J-arm swing separately and the helmet mount assembly separately then join it for him.


Color: black, green or sand

Price: 79.95

4.       Universal Head Mount

This is a head mount made by Sony with very comfortable straps that are easily adjustable. It is very efficient for very many kinds of activities and can easily be rotated. It captures all the features that you want to capture.


Storage Temperature: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)

Material: PC+ ABS SUS Nylon

Color: Black

Measurements: Dimensions (Approx.) : Belt mount: 2 7/8 in × 3 1/2 in × 2 1/2 in (71.7 mm × 87.7 mm × 61.6 mm) Vented helmet mount: 2 7/8 in × 2 7/8 in × 2 1/4 in (71.4 mm × 71.5 mm × 54.1 mm)

Weight (Approx.): Belt mount: 85g Vented helmet mount: 75g

Price: 39.99

Helmet Mount Epic Action

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