GoPro Coupon Codes (December)

GoPro coupon code

Where can I get a Coupon for a GoPro?

GoPro Cameras and accessories have become a category-leader due to their quality and versatility, a product from such a hot consumer electronics company doesn’t come cheap. To get GoPro’s most recent release, the HERO3+ Black Edition, you are looking at a price tag of 399.00 USD. Because of this, many people intending to purchase a GoPro begin with a simple Google query:

“Where can I find GoPro coupon codes?”

The answer follows.

If you are looking to find a way to snag a GoPro without paying the full price, check out GoPro’s official Daily Giveaway on their website.

Coupon codes are usually redeemed at checkout and typically entitle the buyer to a discount of up to 30%. However, for GoPros, coupon codes are not easy to find. GoPro coupon codes tend to be released during the summer and holiday seasons so that is the best time to find them.

So do these coupons even exist?

This is a question that lingers in many people’s minds especially those who have not had luck redeeming the coupon codes. The truth is that they exist, but they are typically not on the market for a long time. The best way to make sure that one is able to redeem the coupon code is redeeming it immediately- if you do find one somewhere online, redeem it immediately. Don’t tell yourself that you are going to wait until next week, because by then it is likely to be gone.

Why you are seeing 259,000 results in Google for “GoPro Coupon Codes”…

The truth is that there are many sites that claim to offer GoPro coupon codes but that actually don’t offer a coupon. Instead, they provide links that look like coupons, but when clicked take you directly to an online retailer like Amazon or eBay. Clicking through one of these coupons won’t get you a discount, but it will add a tracking cookie to your browser. Then, when you buy that GoPro, the person whose tracking code was installed in your browser gets a percentage of the sale as a commission.

Full disclosure- If you click through a link on my website to Amazon and purchase a GoPro, I will receive a commission from Amazon. However, I won’t tell you that I have GoPro coupons when I don’t, as I find that to be a disingenuous practice.

The best place to find a legit GoPro coupon code is directly through the GoPro website. Buying directly from GoPro generally doesn’t offer a better price than buying through an e-tailer like Amazon or eBay unless you have a coupon code.

In general, we recommend buying from will-known online vendors like Amazon, eBay, or directly from GoPro itself.

Are coupon codes the same thing as promotion codes?

There is a thin line between coupon codes and promotion codes as they both serve essentially the same function. It’s really only a difference in nomenclature- at the end of the day, either type of code should get you a discount.


Coupon codes can make shopping a new adventure as they allow you to save on your new GoPro, but in the case of this product, they are more a myth than anything else. If you find them, send us an email using the “about” page and let us know! We would love to feature real coupon codes on this website.