HERO3 Silver Review

For those looking for a midrange action cam option, the price point and powerful video display make the HERO3 Silver Edition a compelling option.

HERO3 Silver Reviews on Amazon!!

The Essential Details

Specs Details
Frame Rate 30fps @ 1080p, 48fps @ 960p, 60 fps @ 720p, 120 fps @ WVGA
Recording Media microSD
SDHC memory card
Total Pixels 11 megapixels
Still Image Quality 11 megapixels
Features Shockproof
What's In The Box? 197’/ 60m Waterproof Housing*
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
QR Buckle
J-Hook Buckle
3-Way Pivot
1 Curved Adhesive Mount
1 Flat Adhesive Mount
Assorted Mounts and Hardware
USB Charging Cable

As you may know, there are three editions of the Hero 3- White Edition, Silver Edition, and Black Edition. The Black Edition is the most expensive and powerful of the three, the Silver Edition is the midrange option, and the White Edition is best for those on a budget who do not need a lot of advanced functionality. The Silver Edition has attracted a lot of attention for its reasonable price and very solid specs, which we’ll discuss in this article. Unlike the action cameras of other manufacturers, the HERO3’s come in square shapes, a clever design that enables them to be attached easily to one’s helmet. While it doesn’t have the streamlined look of some other brands of action cams, we believe that the GoPro makes up for this through its functionality, which includes myriad mounting options. Whether shooting from a car, a surfboard, or a bike, the GoPro will capture the action you need to to. But you already knew that, didn’t you? On to the review!

The Build Quality

The lens and a small LCD display are located on the front side of HERO3 silver edition, while the power button is on the bottom. The right side houses the micro HDMI port and mini USB ports, both of which are covered with plastic protectors. The recording button sits atop the camera and is a large, easy-to-push piece of rubber that gives the camera an upscale feel, not a cheap, plastic one.  At 2.25 x 1.6  x 1.2 inches, the HERO3 Silver is small enough to fit in your pocket and, with a weight of only 2.7 ounces, light enough that you might forget it is there. In order to mount the camera or dive with it, you will need the case. When encased, the HERO3 becomes waterproof up to a depth of 197 feet. However, at 6.2 ounces, the case adds a bit of weight to the package. Though the new case looks almost identical to that of the HERO2, the square, flat lens of the HERO3 Silver Edition provides much better focus during underwater shooting. The case’s catch has also significantly improved, ensuring the Hero 3’s sensitive electronics are kept safe.

Video Quality

GoPro HERO3 silver edition produces excellent quality videos, with perfect contrast, and nice color saturation that lets sharp, crispy details shine through. The Silver Edition records 1080 pixel videos at 30 frames per second and 720 pixel videos at 60 frames per second. You can also take still images with the 11MP sensor. The burst mode will shoot 10 still images per second. GoPro has updated the menu system by including subdivisions. As a result, you will find your desired settings almost instantly. The latest Protune video settings allows the hardcore videographers to record footages at higher bit rates. Though the images look flat at the first instance, the extra picture information provides professional results after running through color grading process.

HERO3 Silver Reviews on Amazon!!

Connectivity Options

The HERO3 silver edition has built-in Wi-Fi capability, which means you will not have to buy an extra Wi-Fi BacPac like the older models. Once you have turned on Wi-Fi, you can use a Wi-Fi remote control or the dedicated GoPro app for controlling the device. The iOS app of the HERO3 will allows you to connect and control the device wirelessly by installing the app in your smartphone or tablet. The app is simple and easy to operate. It i possible to control multiple Wi-Fi enabled GoPro devices with the app. The app even allows the users to turn on and off the camera remotely. The ‘locate camera’ feature turns on an intermittent beeping on the camera, making it easier to find the device. GoPro offers free download of CineForm Studio for its clients. The Studio has some basic level editing tools, which should be enough for ordinary use.

Mounting Options

The HERO3 silver edition includes the famous mounting system of GoPro. What’s more, the device supports old accessories too. Therefore, if you own a GoPro camera already and have bought some add-ons, you can use all of them in the HERO3 too. The new design enables the HERO3 to be positioned in tight corners. It also provides large range of motion for creative videographers. You can add an optional LCD Touch BacPac to the camera, which will turn it into a regular touchscreen camera. By using this, you can see what you are shooting or recording and review the recorded videos and images on your device. The smaller housing and the slightly longer bracket will allow the users to tilt the camera for yielding better angles.

Upside Down

An interesting feature of the HERO3 silver edition is its `upside down mode.’ Once the mode is selected, you can place the camera upside down and still, the camera will record the videos correctly. If you want to record videos with keeping the camera underneath your helmet visor, this mode will be very handy for you. This mode will allow you to record videos from your eye perspective, making them look more real and lively. HERO3 users have used the camera in very dusty, wet and muddy conditions, with their device working perfectly. You need to put the wet case for using it in wet conditions, which is obvious. However, all of the users have agreed that the HERO3 silver edition is an extremely durable and solid device.

The 1050 mAh battery is enough for several hours of shooting and recording. However, if you plan to shoot for more than a day without worrying about battery backup, you should buy a battery backup kit from GoPro. As charging a battery takes some time, it will be wise to have an extra battery for lengthy periods of shooting. The device works instantly, which is great for action videographers. Recording starts from the moment you press the record button. A small beep sound will assure you that the recording has started. Most of the time, you will be using the record button and the power button, both of them are accessible from any position. If you plan to buy a HERO3 silver edition camera, I have included some useful links for you. You will find various deals, actual customer reviews and first-hand opinions of GoPro users there. Check them out, who knows, you may find a deal for you too.

HERO3 Silver Reviews on Amazon!!

Hero3 Silver Edition Epic Action

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